Connect to active pipelines from any data type or source.

Crux has built relationships and pipelines to leading data suppliers around the world. We minimize the burden of working with thousands of datasets across many suppliers so you can focus on the data.

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Working with data suppliers and working for data consumers

We operate as a neutral utility, backed by industry participants, to remove obstacles in the delivery and ingestion of data at scale.

We do not sell data, nor do we interfere with any existing supplier licenses. We simply work on behalf of our customers to improve the flow of the data they need.

Our managed pipelines enable suppliers to deliver any of their datasets in their desired formats to whatever destinations they choose.


Crux data coverage includes:

•  Commodities

•  Derivatives

•  Equities

•  Fixed Income

•  Foreign Exchange (FX)

•  Indices

•  Real Estate

•  Structured

•  Unstructured

•  Alternative

•  Corporate Actions

• Economic

• Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

• Estimates Events and Transcripts

• Fundamentals

• Index

• News

• Ownership

• Price and Analytics

• Ratings

• Real Estate

• Reference

• Risk

• Satellite

• Supply Chain

• Global

• Regional

• Country

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