Transform and enrich your data pipelines

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Enables you to:

  • Ingest analytics-ready data faster

  • Work with subsets of your data across any dimension

  • Combine data together for broader analysis

  • Implement your data preparation requirements without the need to configure functions, pipelines, or complex operational processes

  • Access your data pipelines via any Crux Deliver, including API, cloud platforms, Snowflake, and Python

Data Wrangling Capabilities

Crux Wrangle provides data transformation functions beyond our standard pipelines, so that data can be customized and transformed, exactly the way you want it.


Change data types, change and sanitize column names, normalize number values and format dates.


Replace missing values with value-based logic.


Create user-defined and calculated fields, and convert numerical values or anonymize sensitive data.


Join data within and across datasets, add lookup data, map attributes, align history and ongoing data.


Split data based on a particular group of interest, drop rows, columns, duplicate or missing values.


Unpivot from wide to long, pivot by a given index or column value, sort values and transpose rows and columns.

Unified Data Engineering Approach

Crux Wrangle is a key component of Crux’s data ecosystem, which includes 24/7 monitoring, change management, and secure access. Your customized datasets can be made available through a multitude of delivery destinations via Crux Deliver, including cloud platforms and API, or you can have Crux host the storage for you via Crux Query.

“We’ve been using Crux for almost two years now and are happy with the company’s ability to meet our high standards. We consume a large number of datasets from a wide range of sources through Crux, which simplifies our ingestion and operational burden dramatically, allowing us to focus our team on higher-value and more differentiated activities. We are impressed by Crux’s customer focus, service level, data inventory and the continual acceleration we see in dataset onboarding.”

Data Consumer
Jeff Wecker, Chief Technology Officer @ Two Sigma

“We are extremely excited to be embarking on this innovative partnership with Crux, a new breed of technology vendor. This partnership will enable us to access wider markets, removing the complicated extraction, transformation and load process detail to provide buy-side firms access to the highest quality of data available free of integration and management headaches.”

Data Supplier
John McManus,  Global Head of Sales & Partners, Financial Information @ SIX

“We are increasingly seeing the need for efficient and flexible data delivery and support in our customers data ingestion processes. Allowing Crux to streamline our data delivery to clients has helped MSCI focus on improving our core product and increase operational efficiency in today's cost pressure environment.”

Data Supplier
John Regino, Executive Director @ MSCI Analytics Product Strategy

“We are pleased to bring our FX Market Data to the broader consumer market, enabling academic, commercial and financial institutions that are not part of our ECN to now benefit from our datasets. Our agreement with Crux enables us connect with our customers on a reliable, easy-to-use and secure platform.”

Kevin Wolf, CEO @ Euronext FX

Why Crux?

Focus on extracting unique value from data by offloading time-consuming data delivery and operations work to Crux.

Central data hub with integrations to popular cloud platforms

Activate data pipelines to access 14k datasets from 140+ Data Suppliers

Secure, ready-made infrastructure with immediate onboarding

Reliable with 24/7 operations and support team

Customizable platform and services to meet end use case needs

Accelerate the flow of data

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