Data Consumers

Liberate data resources
to focus on your competitive edge.

Financial companies of all sizes partner with Crux to scale the non-differentiating processes and operations of their data ingestion and preparation.


Today, firms spend up to 80% of their data time and energy on non-differentiating work. From coordinating interactions with data suppliers, to building infrastructure to wrangle data, to managing operations to standardize data for consumption, and delivering data to end-points within their organizations, firms are bottlenecked and frustrated with processing data.


Crux is a secure cloud-based platform that handles all of this. By serving multiple clients across many data sources, Crux unlocks economies of scale,  delivering data at a lower cost, faster time to market, in a standard easy-to-use way, and at a consistently high level of service and security.


The commercial model is simple: firms pay Crux a flat monthly fee per data feed delivered. Crux does not sell or resell any data itself and thus remains agnostic to both data sources and customer use cases. Data vendors license their data directly to clients and maintain their valuable relationships.

Data Consumers rely on Crux to:

Future-proof data infrastructure

Reduce cost and operational burden

Outsource data engineering, reducing time to implement new pipelines

Service Features for Data Engineering & Ingestion Teams

Fast Dataset Onboarding

Flexible Destination Delivery

Dataset Knowledge Base

Reliable Operations and Notifications

24x7 Support Desk

Robust Entitlements and Access Controls

Getting Started

Select your datasets from our catalog of thousands of active data pipelines.

Choose delivery method, from API to cloud warehouse applications.

Enjoy validated data delivery at scale supported by our world-class operations team.

We focus on the pipelines so you can focus on the data.

See all types of data supported in Connect and learn how data is packaged and delivered in Deliver.

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