Delivering data in the formats and destinations you need.

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Not all applications share the same consumption requirements. Crux offers a wide-range of delivery options, from client applications to the latest cloud technologies.

Multiple Formats
Multiple formats to streamline consumption
Providing industry standard formats - i.e. Avro, Parquet, CSV in addition to original formats and full provenance.
Flexible Delivery Options
Flexible delivery options for multiple use cases
  • On-Demand
    • Crux REST API
    • Crux Query (our tool enabling you to query across datasets and set up an ODBC connection in your preferred app to retrieve the data)
    • FTP
  • Cloud Platforms
    • Amazon S3
    • Google Cloud Storage
    • Snowflake
  • Marketplace Providers
    • AWS Data Exchange
    • S&P Global Marketplace
  • Notifications
    • Webhooks
    • Google Pub/Sub
Ultra ScalableData
Our Platform is ultra-scalable, allowing you to access and deliver terabytes of data with confidence.

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