We Understand Data

Building data pipelines is only half the battle; maintaining them at scale is critical to the success of your business. Our managed service is designed to ensure you get the data how you want it - every time. With our world-class data operations team, ensuring data reliability with 24/7 monitoring our “Operate” offering consists of three key components:

1. Detecting data changes as they happen

Our platform builds quality controls into every process, so data is always available and reliable.


Data available when you need it
  • Completeness: all data and all changes tracked throughout time
  • Timeliness: performance built into every pipeline
  • Scalable: powerful enough to process billions of files


Data you can trust
  • Quality: embedded controls to ensure data is protected and valid
  • Consistency: delivering a uniform structure for names, types and formats
  • Transparency: access to detailed documentation and health logs

2. Processing and validating data


Missing names or formatting changes can be more than annoying. Our team ensures that null or strange symbols can be set as expected.


We check for unexpected fields, missing values, and monitor for aberrant quantities of information from the data you expect.


Everything that is supposed to be coming in is checked against the log to make sure the inventory, data, and files are right.

Schema Changes

Whether the structure changes or data type changes, our team ensures that the data you are getting does not map inconsistently.


Industry standard formats streamline data consumption and accelerate time to value at scale. Crux helps drive to a single source of truth for the data that we pull.

3. Operationalize pipelines with world class support

Robust validations identify issues as early as possible. We work directly with data suppliers to remediate issues before they impact clients.

The Crux DataOps team identifies and proactively plans for format and schema changes by suppliers on behalf of data consumers.

Data is stored in a standard point-in-time format so history is accessible and available.

Monitoring of a health log for every step of the data processing for every feed.

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